Green business or organization? Local artisan using sustainable materials? Do you offer tasty, local and sustainably sourced foods or drinks? Have something to share at the 2014 annual Live Green SLC! Festival?

Sponsorship Opportunities

Let your organization benefit from the good will and strong media outreach and promotional efforts associated with this event Some sponsorship opportunities are limited. If your business or organization is interested in benefiting from a sponsorship opportunity, please complete a Sponsors Application or contact us at (801) 994-1844.


Exhibitors’ Opportunities

Host a booth to present your green products or services – we want to help connect this great community to green companies!  This event is a great place to meet people, show what your organization offers, have meaningful conversations, as well as help educate interested people.  All exhibitors will be provided with digital promotional tools to announce their involvement to their organization’s clients and supporters. If you want flyers/postcards to spread the word even further, please contact ReDirect Guide’s team.  Applications will be evaluated for theme appropriateness, acceptance is at the sole discretion of ReDirect Guide.  Spaces are limited and applications are reviewed in the order received.

Click to Download a 2014.ANNUAL.LIVE.GREEN.APPLY

Reduced Fees Exhibiting Opportunities

We are committed to making this an inclusive event for organizations of all sizes and types. If the booth fees are too expensive for you, please apply with the sliding scale discount option found on the application.

Click to Download a 2014.ANNUAL.LIVE.GREEN.REQUEST

Yummy Foods or Beverages Vendor Opportunities

Festivals seem to strike up a hankerin’ to chow on yummy foods coupled up with tasty beverages – if you’re a local food/beverage vendor prepared to serve up some culinary delights, we want to know!  Please be responsibly sourced if you’re going to apply – that means we want locally-sourced, farm to table, seasonally appropriate, organic, free range meats, hormone free, GMO-free, chemical-free, as Mother Earth intended, vegan, vegetarian, truly natural, or some delicious, healthy, nutritious, REAL FOOD reason that we will be proud to brag about!

 Click to Download a 2014.ANNUAL.LIVE.GREEN.FOODS

Spreading this Good News!

A broad promotional campaign is planned for 2014 annual Live Green SLC! Festival that includes a variety of media. A highly capable team has formed from the collaboration between the Downtown Alliance and ReDirect Guide. Outreach and marketing for this event will be occurring through many media channels.

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